Zimbabwean man wins RTGS$6,781.98 from a RTGS$1 bet

Forbes Kagweda found out what betPawa mean by bet small win BIG when he placed a RTGS$1 bet and won RTGS$6,781.98.

The Harare resident picked 11 teams he thought would be winning their games at both half time and full time at odds of 4844.56.

His RTGS$4,843.56 winnings were increased to RTGS$6,781.98 by a 40% win bonus for selecting 11 legs. betPawa offer the best win bonus in Zimbabwe for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for bets with 30 legs.

The BIG winner said: “I like to use the HT/FT option because I believe it has more money. I did follow my bet on the internet and in some instances when the team I had not bet on scored, I thought I would lose, but the outcomes came out in my favour.

“I was very happy about it and the first person I told was the friend who linked me to betPawa.”

Why Forbes bets with betPawa

“I was using another online betting site and when my friend showed me betPawa online, I just decided to give it a go,” Forbes explained.

“I like it for its quick customer service. The website is user friendly and saves much on data usage. The bonuses are very good too. They actually increase your winnings by a large margin.”

Forbes has won again since. “I managed to buy a car. I also sent some money home to my parents,” he revealed.

“Join betPawa as it is a good online betting company. I have won and I continue winning and this means it is a genuine company.”

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What is betPawa’s no minimum stake? betPawa offers its customers the genuine chance to bet small win BIG by allowing users to bet as little as RTGS$1.

What is betPawa’s win bonus? betPawa offers the best win bonus in Zimbabwe, inviting users to win up to 250% extra. With 50% for 12 correct picks, 100% for 20 and 250% for 30, you get much more in return.

betPawa is the easiest way to bet online securely. Not only do we offer the best odds and the opportunity to bet small win BIG with a minimum bet of RTGS$1 and win bonuses up to 250%, we also provide 24-hour support to customers who need it.

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